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Here are some things that I have written or contributed to.

> Cambridge Film Festival: Take One magazine

I was pleased to accept an invitation from Take One magazine to write some reviews as part of Cambridge Film Festival 2011.

Some of my reviews are now available on this site.

> The Weekly

I wrote a few bits and bobs for The Weekly. Mostly bobs. The mag was created by TV's famous Mil Millington and international man of mystery J Nash. It is v. funny.

> Goaste

Check the spelling; no, it's not that horrible shock website. It's something far lovelier. Goaste was the result of a group of like-minded friends who came together over a period of years to create a labyrinth of weird and wonderful things for the entertainment of the human race. It was very popular. There are hundreds of amazing stories, pieces of music, albums, cartoons, edited comics, animations and other wonders within. It's no longer updated. Weep. BEWARE: There's some adult/potentially offensive content on Goaste. Offensive if you're some kind of idiot.

> Essex Terror

I contribute to the excellent Essex Terror, a website that describes the many horrors that lurk inside the Essex county boundary. Warning: Contains mild peril.

> Tiny Horsey

Tiny Horsey is a site I started about ten years ago to house some of my creative writing. It's called Tiny Horsey because I, er, like really small horses for some reason. It's all a bit embarrassing now really, but still gets several thousand visits a month. Who would have thought? Not I, said the wolf.

> Egg Milk

Right, well, Egg Milk is pretty far-out. There's some contributions from other people on this site which are quite interesting. And. Um. I'm basically talking about egg milk.

> The Plague Doctor

I'm slightly obsessed with the idea of the Plague Doctor. It's a totally excellent character as yet unexplored in films and so on. I'd like to make a film about plague doctors.

> Aston Dervish

Aston Dervish is a page set-up to help inspire me to continue writing a novel based around the couple of chapters I'd already published on Tiny Horsey called "Aston Dervish, Space Detective". It's fair to say this is a work in progress.

If you'd like to collaborate on a web or other writing project please do get in touch.